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Governor Usurps Legislative Authority to Rehabilitate Image Amid Mounting Scandals


June 2, 2021

Contact: Joaquin Romero

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Governor Usurps Legislative Authority to Rehabilitate Image Amid Mounting Scandals

Senate Republican Leaders Respond

SANTA FE – This week, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham announced her plans to use $10 million in federal tax dollars to incentivize new vaccinations. The move comes on the heels of the Governor's unconstitutional vetoes of the Legislature’s appropriations of incoming federal aid. Though Republican leaders in the Senate and House have called on the Legislature to take action to retain its rightful appropriating authority, Democratic leaders have so far refused to directly address the Governor’s overt constitutional subversion.

Senate Republican Leaders, Greg Baca (District 29-Bernalillo and Valencia) and Craig Brandt (District 40-Sandoval), issued the following statements in response to the developing story:

“Based on recent events, it is clear that Democratic leadership in the House and Senate are all too willing to relinquish their constitutional duty to the taxpayer to feed the Governor’s insatiable appetite for more power,” said Senator Baca. “We agree with our Democratic colleagues, Senator Muñoz and Representative Lundstrom, that the Legislature must retain its constitutional appropriating authority. I hope we as a body will find the political willpower to stand up for our constituents and prevent this Governor from cutting us out of the most important discussions in our state.”

“It is clear she wants to use this money to rehabilitate her image amid numerous scandals and New Mexico’s anemic recovery.” added Senator Brandt. “The Democrat leaders in the Legislature must act quickly and decisively in order to maintain fidelity to their oath of office. Giving any Governor the unilateral authority to dole out billions of taxpayer dollars is unconscionable and unconstitutional—it is time for Democratic leaders to stop talking and actually push back.”


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