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New Mexico Senate Approves State Budget with Bipartisan Opposition

SANTA FE — Today, the Senate passed the state budget on a vote of 25-16. All Senate Republicans and one Democrat voted against the bill.

“What the public witnessed today was the culmination of some of the worst policymaking in this state’s history,” said Senator Pat Woods (R-Broadview). “Our booming energy industry gave us an opportunity to make a generational difference in this state. Instead, the Legislature has caved to the political will of the Governor and those who have her ear. The people deserve more from their elected appropriators and until this budgeting process changes, we will continue to pass bad budgets.”

“This is the largest, least sustainable, and most partisan budget this state has seen,” added Senator Crystal Diamond (R-Elephant Butte). “Though I am proud to have been part of a budget that will make major investments in law enforcement, fire recovery, CYFD, education, and vital infrastructure projects, I could not support the behemoth package as a whole. I suspect even a slight downturn in oil and gas prices with cause significant pain and difficult decisions in the near future.”


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