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Republican Legislators Issue Joint Statement on Dedication of Officer Darian Jarrott Memorial

DEMING — Today, the memorial for Officer Darian Jarrott was dedicated in Deming two years after he was killed in the line of duty. The memorial, funded in part by capital outlay dollars appropriated by Senator Crystal Brantley (R-Elephant Butte), honors the life and legacy of Officer Jarrott and his family.

Senator Brantley, Representative Luis Terrazas (R-Silver City), and Representative Jenifer Jones (R-Deming) issued the following statement regarding today’s ceremony:

“We join our community today in solemn resolve to never let the sacrifice of Officer Jarrott be forgotten. He paid the ultimate price for the peace and safety we enjoy as citizens, and it was an honor to dedicate this memorial alongside his family and community.”

“Today serves as a stark reminder of the threat our law enforcement officers face on a daily basis, including gang violence, fearless criminals, an open border, catch-and-release policies, and a fentanyl crisis growing to epic proportions. Weak-willed politicians can no longer hide behind their ineffectual excuses. We can and we must do more to secure our border, target gang members, and keep hardened career criminals off the streets. Anything less is just empty political platitude and the people of New Mexico are tired of it.”


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