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Sen. Cliff Pirtle: Require Film Personnel Handling Firearms to Undergo Gun Safety Training

Senator Cliff Pirtle Introduces Bill to Require Film Personnel Handling Firearms to Undergo Gun Safety Training

Legislation follows fatal incident on 'Rust' Film Set

SANTA FE – Senator Cliff Pirtle (District 32-Chaves, Otero, and Eddy) today introduced legislation requiring all film set personnel who handle firearms to undergo New Mexico's firearm education course. Following the tragedy on the film set of 'Rust,' this bill would require all actors and prop personnel to be familiar with the deadly power of firearms and trained in proper gun safety. The course, provided by the New Mexico Game and Fish Department, centers around firearms safety and responsible firearm use.

Senator Pirtle, who has handled firearms on film sets as an actor, issued the following statement regarding his bill:

"I was heartbroken to learn of the tragic incident on the Rust film set. Having personally used a similar revolver on film sets, I know there is no space to be cavalier with these firearms. They are not props; they are deadly weapons regardless of the context of use. My son, at 10 years old knows this. He has undergone standard training done by the New Mexico Game and Fish Department because I wanted him to know that though guns are a tool in my household, they are still deadly. I believe responsible gun ownership is essential to our freedom. Unfortunately to the Hollywood elite, the talk around guns is all too abstract. This is a simple bill to bring some gravity back to the use of firearms on film sets."

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