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Senate Democrats Refuse to Allow Vote on Vital Balance of Power Legislation


March 10, 2021

Contact: Joaquin Romero

(505) 506-5798

Senate Democrats Refuse to Allow Vote on Vital Balance of Power Legislation

SANTA FE — Senate Democrats today refused to allow a vote on Senate Bill 74, sponsored by Republican Leader, Senator Greg Baca (District 29-Bernalillo and Valencia). Senate Bill 74 seeks to give the Legislature a check on the Governor’s ability to indefinitely extend public health orders and emergency declarations. As the law currently stands, the Governor has the sole power to issue and extend these orders, with no input from the legislative branch of government.

Senator Baca issued the following statement in response to Senate’s inaction:

“This bill is not a Democrat verses Republican issue. Several of my Democratic colleagues supported Senate Bill 74 during the committee process, but the bill has since stalled on the Senate Calendar for almost three weeks.”

“By rejecting this legislation, Senate Democrats are telling New Mexicans that we have a government of the elite, not a government of the people. No governor — Democrat or Republican — should have the power to indefinitely close our state. As state legislators, we are elected to be the people’s voice. We had the opportunity to be bold in this role and to restore some balance in Santa Fe. Instead, today proved to be yet another example of the Legislature abdicating its role as a check on the Executive.”


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