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Senate Republican Leader, Senator Greg Baca, Releases Statement on Passage of House Bill 4

SANTA FE — Today, the Senate passed House Bill 4 on a party-line vote with all Republicans voting against the controversial measure. The bill makes major changes to the Election Code including the creation of a permanent absentee ballot list; automatic voter registration without consent; mandatory ballot drop boxes for all counties; and restored voting rights for felons still on probation or parole.

Senate Republican Leader, Senator Greg Baca (R-Belen), issued the following statement following the passage of the bill:

“I am incredibly disappointed in the Secretary of State and Democratic legislators who put progressive special interests above the people of New Mexico with the passage of this legislation. The result is a bill that was opposed by many of our county clerks and every Republican in the legislature. The only beneficiaries of this legislation are felons and those seeking to compromise the integrity of our elections.”

House Bill 4 will now return to the House of Representatives for concurrence.


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