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Senate Republican Whip, Senator Craig Brandt, Releases 2024 Public Safety Package

Senate Republican Whip, Senator Craig Brandt, Releases 2024 Public Safety Package

Bills target criminals, support law enforcement

SANTA FE—Senate Republican Whip, Senator Craig Brandt (R-Rio Rancho), today released a suite of bills aimed at tackling crime in New Mexico. The bills were drafted in concert with the state’s top law enforcement agencies, with input from local district attorneys and police departments.

“Crime is out of control in New Mexico. I believe this two-pronged approach—targeting criminals and supporting law enforcement—is a workable framework we can all agree on,” said Senator Brandt.

The core of the sentencing reform centers around a strengthening of the state’s Racketeering Act (RICO). The bill broadens the scope of crimes that qualify for RICO prosecution, including expanded sentencing for human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. For the full bill, see the attachment below.

“This is no longer the era of Al Capone,” added Senator Brandt. “We have 17-year-olds committing murder with black market firearms; we have industrial scale distribution of fentanyl; and we have human trafficking at historic levels—all of these happening right under our nose. Meanwhile, a handful of co-conspiring career criminals underpin this dark network that is perpetuating our state’s crime crisis. It is time to give law enforcement and our prosecutors the tools to target these criminals and keep them behind bars.”

Further, after consulting with law enforcement and the Department of Public Safety, Senator Brandt has also introduced two bills to help retain our seasoned law enforcement officers and recruit more officers from other states.

“We need more law enforcement officers on the street, plain and simple. Without them, our state will continue to be a safe haven for career criminals who have no fear of repercussions. More officers today means safer streets tomorrow,” concluded Senator Brandt.

Senator Brandt also introduced other sentencing bills regarding “SWATing” and changing the penalty for the murder of a peace officer.


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