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Senate Republicans Condemn Passage of Senate Bill 14


February 3, 2022

Contact: Joaquin Romero

(505) 506-5798

Senate Republicans Condemn Passage of Senate Bill 14

Legislation will raise gas prices and harm New Mexico’s energy economy

SANTA FE – Today the New Mexico Senate passed Senate Bill 14 on a 25-16 vote with all Republicans and one Democrat opposing the measure. As one of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s top priorities, the bill was quickly advanced by Senate Democrats despite legitimate concerns that it will significantly raise gas prices and harm New Mexico’s energy economy.

“Make no mistake—New Mexicans will pay a high price for this bill that does almost nothing to impact worldwide emissions,” said Senate Republican Leader, Senator Greg Baca (District 29, Bernalillo and Valencia). “They did this in California and the average price of gasoline has skyrocketed to almost five dollars per gallon. If enacted, Senate Bill 14 will needlessly hit hard working New Mexicans at a time when inflation is soaring and wages are stagnant. All of us want clean air, but we can protect our environment without forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for these radical, ineffective policies.”

“Our New Mexico energy producers are producing the cleanest and most efficient hydrocarbon fuels in the world,” added Senator William Sharer (District 1-San Juan), who represents the San Juan Basin. “However, the radical President in the White House and his ally in our Governor's mansion have caved to the demands of the eco-far-left and attacked our greatest tool to fight climate change—domestic energy production. If we want to make a dent in international greenhouse gas emissions, we must end our reliance on other countries who mine and drill with no regulations or regard for the environment. Our path to continuing global emissions reductions is American Energy independence, not taxing New Mexicans for working and living their lives.”

Senate Bill 14 will now head to the House of Representatives for consideration.


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