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Senate Republicans Travel to Texas on Border Security Summit

SANTA FE – This week, Senate Republicans and community leaders from New Mexico traveled to Eagle Pass and Del Rio, Texas for a high-level meeting with representatives from the Texas Department of Public Safety, Governor Greg Abbott’s Office, the Texas Border Czar, the Texas Military Department, and the Texas Facilities Commission. The multi-agency delegation examined collaborative efforts that have resulted in a substantial reduction in illegal border crossings, drug smuggling, human and child trafficking, and related fatalities. 

Senator William Sharer (R-Farmington) and Senator David Gallegos (R-Eunice), who led the delegation, provided the following statements upon their return:

“We extend our gratitude to our colleagues in Texas for showcasing that our states are not powerless in the face of Congress’s inaction on border security. Witnessing firsthand the remarkable improvements in Texas’s safety following its comprehensive border security strategy was enlightening. To combat New Mexico’s issues with gangs, the fentanyl crisis, human trafficking, the black market firearm trading, and other public safety concerns, we must secure our southern border,” stated Senator Gallegos 

“Border security is fundamentally a matter of public safety, said Senator Sharer. “To address New Mexico’s crime crisis effectively, we must implement a legal and methodical immigration policy, starting with ensuring that our ports of entry are the sole gateways into our country.”

Senate Republicans announced the introduction of a series of bills focused on at border security for the Public Safety Special Session on July 18. Additionally, Senate Republicans plan to propose further measures based on insights gained from the Texas summit. 

Photos and videos of the summit are available upon request.


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