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Senator Brandt Applauds House Committee Passage of “Glory’s Law”

Senator Brandt Applauds House Committee Passage of “Glory’s Law”

Legislation would prohibit discrimination against a transplant recipient based on physical or mental disability

SANTA FE — Today, the House Health and Human Services Committee advanced Senate Bill 71, sponsored by Senator Craig Brandt (R-Rio Rancho), with unanimous, bipartisan support. Senate Bill 71, also known as “Glory's Law,” would prohibit discrimination against transplant recipients based solely on their physical or mental disability.

Senator Brandt issued the following statement regarding the passage of his bill:

“I want to thank my fellow legislators for understanding the importance of this bill for those living with mental or physical disabilities. I am proud to stand for Glory, a constituent of mine with down syndrome, and the thousands like her who may otherwise not receive lifesaving treatment without this bill. Life is beautiful and every life deserves equal treatment under the law.”

Senate Bill 71 will now be referred to the House Judiciary Committee.


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