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Senator Cliff Pirtle Speaks Out about Chaves County Remaining ‘Yellow’


May 7, 2021

Contact: Joaquin Romero

(505) 506-5798

Senator Cliff Pirtle Speaks Out about Chaves County Remaining ‘Yellow’

Chaves county outperforms several Green and Turquoise counties in key gating metrics

Santa Fe - Last Wednesday, the changes to the COVID-19 Red to Turquoise reopening framework shifted most counties to green or turquoise. Despite the updates, Chaves county remains in the only county in the yellow category. The COVID-19 statistics for the state shows Chaves County outperforming several counties in the Turquoise and Green categories in terms of daily case average, vaccination rate, and test positivity rate. Senator Cliff Pirtle (District 32 - Chaves, Eddy & Otero) released the following statement regarding the county’s status:

“COVID 19 policy should be based on data centric practices to optimize the wellbeing of the people of New Mexico. Clearly, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and Secretary Scrase do not share this view. As states took different approaches and new data has become available, this administration clearly cherry picked data that they could use to justify their power grab. This selfish and borderline tyrannical move came at the expense of our children’s well being, our state’s economy, and at the cost of our rights.

This illogical and failed reopening strategy is clearly demonstrated in this week’s update to the reopening map. After outperforming several counties who are in the Green and Turquoise level, Chaves county residents and business owners still are restricted to the Yellow level. This doesn't surprise me. This week is just further proof that the Red to Turquoise framework is flawed and only serves to prolong the suffering of New Mexicans and keep our freedoms just beyond reach. Update after update to the minutiae of the reopening criteria doesn’t change the fact that the Governor’s policies are failing New Mexico. Enough is enough—it’s time to terminate the public health order in its entirety and reopen the state immediately.”


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