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Senator Craig Brandt Applauds Advancement of Law Enforcement Recruitment Bills

SANTA FE—Senate Republican Whip, Senator Craig Brandt (R- Rio Rancho), today applauded the advancement of two law enforcement recruitment bills through the Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee. Senate Bill 87 would allow retired law enforcement officers and first responders to return to work while collecting their retirement. Senate Bill 124, meanwhile, would allow law enforcement officers from other states or those with federal law enforcement service to buy up to five years of service in the state’s retirement system. 

Senator Brandt issued the following statement regarding the advancement of these bills:

“To see a safer New Mexico, we must retain, recruit, and support our law enforcement officers. Our first responders stand in the divide between a depraved criminal world and our families. Thank you to our officers who work daily to protect our families and their leadership who helped us craft these bills.”

Senate Bill 87 and Senate Bill 124 will now be referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

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