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Senator Craig Brandt Condemns EIB Rejection of EV Rule Delay

RIO RANCHO—The New Mexico Environmental Improvement Board (EIB) recently voted to reject a request to pause the enforcement of the Advanced Clean Cars and Trucks Rule (EIB 23-56 (R)) until ongoing litigation is resolved. The request to delay the rule was submitted by the New Mexico Automotive Dealers Association and an Albuquerque auto dealership—the entities legally challenging the new regulatory measure. 


Senator Craig Brandt (R-Rio Rancho), the Senate Republican Whip, issued the following statement condemning this action: 


“The decision to reject this temporary delay while litigation ensues is yet another example of the EIB putting politics over people. This unreasonable and damaging EV mandate is going to significantly harm consumers and the automotive industry in our state, and an unelected, politically motivated board should not be making these decisions for us. All New Mexicans should be able to pick a vehicle that fits their needs and their budget, and fact is, the overwhelming majority of us are not planning to buy an EV.”


The new EV mandate requires that 43% of all new cars and light-duty trucks delivered to New Mexico be EVs within two years, with the percentage increasing to 82% by 2032.



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