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Senator Crystal Brantley, Senate Republicans Call on DHS Secretary Mayorkas to Secure the Southern Border

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Letter follows visit by Senators Brantley and McCutcheon to the border wall in Luna County

SANTA FE—Senator Crystal Brantley (R-Elephant Butte) and the Senate Republican Caucus today sent a letter to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas calling for immediate action to secure the border. The letter was sent after Senator Brantley, together with Senator Steven McCutcheon (R-Carlsbad), toured a section of the U.S.-Mexico Border in Luna County. 

“Special thanks to Russel Johnson and his family for showing us the lived reality facing our border communities,” said Senator Brantley. “The border crisis may just be a political talking point for President Biden, but for the families in my community, the dangers are very real.”

During the tour, Senators Brantley and McCutcheon were shown sections of the existing border wall where gates are currently wide open due to a federal settlement allowing for wildlife migration. The landowners showed them debris left by groups of illegal immigrants who used the wildlife gates as an unfettered pathway to entry. 

“What I witnessed at our southern border was a complete and utter dereliction of duty from President Biden and disgraced Secretary Mayorkas,” added Senator McCutcheon. “The open gates demonstrate that the Biden administration and this Governor have put the wellbeing of animals above the safety of the people of our state. Our landowners are literally on the front lines of a ground invasion, and until we get a handle on this crisis, we will continue to be ground zero for human trafficking, drug trafficking, and more violence.”

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