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Senator David Gallegos Issues Statement on CYFD Lawsuit

SANTA FE – Today, it was reported that a lawsuit has been filed against the Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) on behalf of four-year-old boy who suffered abuse at a foster home placement. The lawsuit alleges that the department failed to evaluate the home and the placement family to CYFD standards. The boy was subjected to chronic and recurring physical abuse, and medical and nutritional neglect.

Senator David Gallegos (R-Eunice), who along with other Senate Republicans has introduced measures to increase accountability and oversight over CYFD, issued the following statement regarding this latest allegation:

“This tragic news is further evidence that CYFD is an agency in turmoil. If the allegations in this case are true, there is simply no excuse to justify why protocol was not followed. We need some immediate guardrails in place, including independent oversight of the department. Press conferences and shuffling staff are not sufficient to fix CYFD, and in the absence of leadership from the executive, the Legislature must take action.”

Senator Gallegos has introduced Senate Bill 373 to create the Office of the Child Advocate and provide independent oversight over CYFD.


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