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Senator Republicans Criticize Executive Proposal to Raise the Gas Tax and Vehicle Registration Fees

SANTA FE—Today, the New Mexico Department of Transportation (DOT) presented its recommendations to legislators on the Transportation Infrastructure Revenue Subcommittee. Among the DOT proposals are a gas tax hike and increased vehicle registration fees. 

“It is unfathomable that this administration would even consider asking for higher taxes and fees right now,” said Senate Republican Whip, Senator Craig Brandt (R-Rio Rancho). “In a rather short period of time, we have doubled our state’s spending, all while benefiting from massive budget surpluses. Meanwhile, New Mexicans are dealing with rabid inflation, high costs of living, and stagnant wages. Under no circumstances will I support these tax hikes or any others that will disproportionately impact our working class families.” 

“Once again, this administration’s twisted priorities are on full display,” added Senator David Gallegos (R-Eunice). “A massive gas tax hike is clearly another way for the Governor to punish those who drive fuel-powered vehicles in her ongoing effort to make us buy EVs. Ironically, it’s the EVs that are not paying their fair share since they do not pay the gas tax. If the Governor wants to raise vehicle registration fees to help support our aging transportation infrastructure, she should start with them.” 


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